Flexibly Fit | Functional™ Bowen Therapy


DO YOU struggle with ongoing aches & pain,
movement & flexibility restrictions?


DO YOU spend time struggling with or managing these
areas instead of enjoying your pursuits & life?




CONSIDER THE BENEFITS OF: Functional™ Bowen Therapy.


It has the potential to:

  • Promote The Relief of Muscle Tension, Dysfunction & Pain
  • Promote an Increased Blood Supply & Tissue Repair
  • Promote Increased Body Cleansing & Immune Support
  • Promote / Restore Functional Body Balance
  • Promote Increased Flexibility, Agility & Muscle Response

Flexibly Fit™ offers Functional™ Bowen Therapy techniques and treatment for:

  • Adolescent / Adult Wellness Management
  • Infant / Child Wellness Management
  • Acute & Chronic Pain Management
  • Sports Performance Management
  • Rehabilitative Post Injury Management

Our unique approach focuses on the effective release and balance of tired, achy and often painful muscles and the associated limitations they produce. As a stand alone therapy or as a compliment to other forms of care, Flexibly Fit’s method works to restore the body’s “functional design,” producing lasting results.

What is Functional™ Bowen Therapy?

Functional™ Bowen Therapy is an interpretive use of Bowen’s cross fiber neuromuscular technique that works to downregulate and release resting muscle tension by specific muscle / tendon manipulations that stimulate the body’s Central Nervous System. Unlike other forms of bodywork, Functional™ Bowen Therapy (FBT) allows for a high level of blood capillary movement, producing greater transport of blood and lymph through the tissue. This occurs with the softening of the surrounding fascia and tissue without ongoing compression or pressure from manipulation. “Less is best” is the Bowen philosophy. The muscle tension release is almost immediate producing an increase in flexibility as a result. Utilized over the entire musculature to produce balance (symmetry is key), it is highly successful in relieving pain and re-educating muscles with “bad memory” and the associated nerve pathways. This “capture and roll technique” is applied through loose clothing with no oils, creams or topical applications using a series of “moves” over the skin and fascia to promote the above outcome.  This integrated approach and program of care is specifically tailored to the client / patient focus and musculoskeletal difficulty. Comfort is individually maximized with progress determined by individual body response / muscle memory improvement.

Functional™ Bowen Therapy by Flexibly Fit™

Our Certified Advanced Bowen Therapists specialize in a wide variety of areas that promote wellness through the distinctive cross-fiber neuromuscular techniques founded by Thomas A. Bowen, an Australian osteopath whose documented successes over the life of his practice brought hope and improved health through applying the body’s innate healing resources.




From infants to seniors, Functional™ Bowen Therapy has the potential to increase the body’s immune system response through reducing muscle tension and associated nerve entrapment. Promoting nervous system relaxation & improved nerve pathways improves communication which supports normal structural function. Allowing the body to regulate it’s own homeostatic processes more efficiently encourages function as it was designed, promoting health and wellness. Over time, through a multitude of accidents and injuries, the body develops maladaptive syndromes which left unchallenged produce nerve pathway responses that lead to pain, restriction & loss of normal function. The body’s resources, in the pursuit of balance and wellness, are trapped in the cycle of pain reduction, relief, and adaptation to restrictions. Functional™ Bowen Therapy works to promote normal muscle & nerve response by breaking this cycle, improving the body’s ability to communicate effectively while it heals and reeducates itself in achieving of its normal function. In athletic pursuits, challenges to the body occur at many levels. Balance of these challenges is key. Preventing injury, promoting flexibility & agility, and increasing endurance, the body works hard to find a homeostatic state. Functional™ Bowen Therapy works with the athlete, promoting optimal balance through focus on muscle symmetry, flexibility, and improved muscle response. Success is achieved with optimal function.