About Us

Knowmor Inc. Statement of Purpose

Knowmor Inc. supports Wellness Promotion by focusing on all components of health as it relates to body function.

At Knowmor, we believe that all humans are unique, integrated beings, and that our health and wellness should reflect all aspects of our endeavors. Use of the wellness model as opposed to the disease model is our focus.

At Knowmor, we look for solutions at the most basic structural levels, including but not limited to posture, pain, immobility, reduced flexibility, and/or loss of function.

We promote a Complimentary and Integrative Health Approach Through – Muscle Balance and Endurance/Strength Building, Nutritional Supplementation Support, Education and Training, Exercise, Stress Management, and Adequate Rest Promotion.


Knowmor supports and emphasizes research into avenues of physical challenge for all age groups and activity levels. As such we support professional organizations that are like-minded such as the American College of Sports Medicine, Harvard Medical School, The Cleveland Clinic, Environmental Nutrition, and others. See Knowmor’s Affiliations Page for a complete list of our Sacramento area and national affiliations.

We promote the benefits and educational pursuit of our interpretive form of the therapeutic application process we call Functional Bowen™ (physio) Therapy.

We promote the training of, including related specialties, Functional Bowen™ and its benefits, to Contract Staff, Medical Professionals, The Health Industry and Patient/Clients or their support systems whenever possible.

We are involved at the Community level and promote the local Chamber of Commerce, Business & Health Fairs, and focus on Community Service support both locally as well as nationally.

We believe in the preservation of life, the protection of those in harms way, the pursuit of excellence in business/life and the prosperity of our nation.

We maintain an A+ membership with the Better Business Bureau of Northern California.