Acupuncturist Perspective

Lynn Potter L Ac, RDN, LDN, CFBT

Honesdale, PA

Certified Functional Bowen Therapist™

Questions & Answers

1. As an acupuncturist with many years of experience, why add Functional Bowen™(FBT)to your treatment regimen?

FBT is a very effective and practitioner friendly way to move Qi. I find it especially helpful with patients who complain of non-specific, whole-body pain. It is a place for me to start. Once I have done the treatment, it levels the playing ground and makes it is easier to diagnose where the problems remain.

2. How often do you include it in your work with people and how effective do you find it?

I use FBT almost every day. I have some patients who just come to me for FBT. However, I often combine acupuncture especially in cases like sciatica pain and plantar fasciitis just to name a few.

3. Would you recommend others in the Acupuncture community take a class in Functional Bowen™?

I would highly recommend any acupuncturist to study with Judy. I found that my anatomy knowledge increased in a very personal way. This is because I came to know muscle, tendon, ligament groups and their relationships to each other. That understanding increased my ability to know what it means to have that relationship in balance. The hands-on approach is a very integral part of my practice both in diagnosis and treatment.

4. How has the use of this method benefitted your practice?

Having FBT in my tool box has increased my patient base. It has attracted a patient population who want to have therapeutic body work and don’t want the spa massage experience.

Using FBT in my everyday practice has shortened the course of treatment for my patients. That has proven to be a huge benefit for me since I have a cash practice and it has made the commitment to treatment more reasonable for my patients.

Many of my new patients are a result of referrals from patients who have been successfully discharged from my practice. I also get referrals from the local Primary Care Doctors. While I cannot directly attribute that to FBT I am convinced that having that therapeutic modality has added to my credibility in the Western Medicine world.