Please be advised of our new fees.

Effective August 1, 2017

New Patient Rates are as follows:
An Initial *Evaluation of One Hour $80.00
Three Initial treatments $165.00
*The evaluation consists of a health history review, postural analysis and a manual muscle exam with individualized, focused therapy to follow.
The fee schedule for a 45-minute therapy treatment session is as follows:
General $75.00
Seniors (60 and up) $65.00
Infants, Children, and Students (60 and up to 12 years) $60.00
(Note: Visits for infants/children under 5 yrs are 30 minutes in length.)
A package of three prepaid visits will still be offered for a discount as follows:
General $170.00
Seniors (60 and up) $165.00
Infants, Children, and Students (up to 12 years)
(Note: Sibling discounts are offered on a case-by-case basis.)
NOTE: Patients seen by the Lead Therapist MUST be referred by a Doctor, Physician’s Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner. Fees charged are commensurate with the Diagnostic Treatment / Therapy Protocol required. A higher fee schedule applies.

Below are our office policies.

No-Show / Cancellation Policy

Because we set aside the necessary time for your proposed appointment and do not have the ability to fill this time without sufficient notice, it is necessary to maintain a no-show /cancellation policy. Patients who do not call at least 24 hours before their appointment or do not show up to their appointment are subject to be charged the full therapy fee. Patients who are scheduled on a Monday who need to reschedule or cancel are requested to call the Friday before the appointment to allow us time to fill the slot. Also, late arrivals of more than 15 minutes will need to be rescheduled and fees may be subject as well.

Insurance Billing / Receipts

Our office does not bill insurance or HSA (Health Savings Accounts). To keep our costs reasonable, we do not employ staff resources to pay someone full-time to add this benefit to our services. Therefore, the individual or parent, in the case of a minor, is responsible to render payment at the time services are performed (or scheduled in the case of our lead therapist).

Further, it is our office policy that your check or credit card slip is your receipt for services. If you desire or are in need of a general receipt (using our standard form) for HSA accounts or for other purposes, please notify your therapist at the time of payment. We suggest this hard copy receipt be requested at the time of service to document monies spent on an HSA account. Consult your accountant or tax preparer regarding any tax deductible benefit. Also, please request and keep your receipts at the time of service.

No Formal Receipts will be generated by the office manager “after the fact” or at any time, as we do not retain this information. If you require a formal receipt (which requires an office manger to type/generate) for reimbursement of any kind, we will assess an initial administrative fee of $35 at the time the request is made. This receipt must be for the present services rendered and again not former services utilized.

Prepaid Appointments/Policy

To keep costs down, we do not employ a record- keeping service for pre-paid appointments which may be classified as unredeemed for a period of longer than six months. Please note while we make every attempt to ensure your investment with us is utilized to the fullest, appointments not redeemed within six months of purchase are considered forfeit.

Please note these statements are provided on all printed informational new patient/client materials. Your presence in our office is your acknowledgment/agreement with these stated policies. Thank you.