What Students Say About The Class

Excellent whole body approach to assessment & treatment. Treatment produces immediate results, both in pain reduction and improvement in posture & functional movement. Techniques are not overly taxing to the therapist’s body. You are extremely giving in your teaching & sharing of experience.

— L.T., Licensed Physical Therapist

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Judy, thank you so much for your expertise and personal investment in our success as practitioners.

— L.P., Licensed Acupuncturist

The level of Judy’s knowledge and her passion to not only increase her knowledge but pass it on to others is inspiring. She is a natural teacher and made the classes so enjoyable – time flew. Thanks a million for everything!

— C.D., Healthcare Advocate

female student on campus

Everything is wonderfully laid out for flow of understanding – an understanding of anatomy and physiology is definitely key to getting the most out of it – also being comfortable touching the body – very helpful. It’ll take some time to get comfortable/used to not employing “massage” techniques. I look forward to working this into my practice so that I’m better able to assist my clients with less strain on my body.

— J.J., Licensed Massage Therapist

This course directly spoke to the whole person nursing paradigm, connecting the science and art of healing with a strong evidence base. The course contains an enormous amount of information which, not absorbed during class time, will be accessed and enhanced through self-study and practice guided by the provided manual and suggested textbooks. I look forward to deepening my nursing practice with this important, effective modality and introducing it to my colleagues in the healing professions. The teaching methodologies used were extremely effective, with students receiving individual attention needed to succeed in integrating the course information & practice.

— M.W., RN, Community Health Advocate


I really appreciate Judy’s willingness to allow me to take this course, as well as her wonderful teaching techniques. The hands-on practice was extremely helpful in remembering and properly conducting these moves. Judy is very understanding and knowledgeable about this therapy as evidenced by her method of teaching and answering questions. She made difficult concepts easier to understand. This therapy incorporates common sense – treatments, which is what makes it so effective.

— L.S., Nursing Student

Real World Results

I have to be honest….I don’t feel like I am ever going to not cry with a person who is in absolute shock that they walked in here unable to remember what it’s like to not be in pain and stood up with no pain. This lady today….pheww…she was a tear jerker. I cried. And I don’t want it to seem like I’m surprised it worked-because obviously I want to be confident that it will and does…but I was surprised…and I cried with her. What an amazing gift you have given to me …to share with others. Literally changing lives. Thank you.

— Jessica Juckett, LMT

pain relief

Just want to thank apple Day Spa for helping me get through some of the pain I have before I have lower lumbar fusion and back surgery. The staff and especially the massage therapist, Jessica “Magic”, who listens, studies, and even researches instead of just giving your run-of-the-mill massage. Recently she took a course in Functional Bowen™ from a California Specialist in the above. In short my … (family)… thought it might help me, so guess what – it took 20 minutes, fully clothed and (the therapy was) deeper and (Jessica) found muscles I didn’t know I had. After, I felt relief from leg, arm, and even some low back pain. Later I got a full-nights sleep…. the first full night sleep (I had) in a long time. I would suggest you check it out Jess “Magic”…. I’m going to still need surgery but this will help leading up to and after. Sorry to bore you but this is special thanks to Apple Day Spa and “Magic”

From a Facebook Post by R. Hessling who saw a recent student – Used with permission

I have recently worked on a retired doctor who is 83 and had noticeable changes in his energy and gate as noted by his wife and friends. (He was) sent to me by physical therapist client of mine – Word is definitely getting out ….it’s pretty incredible.

— Jessica Juckett, LMT

Diagnosed with a chronic health illness, I was in constant pain and despair of ever being able to function at any level without experiencing pain. A friend suggested I try Functional Bowen™ therapy and told me Jessica at Apple Day Spa was certified in the procedure. I reluctantly made an appointment with her, and immediately had a significant reduction in pain. An ongoing process, I plan on continuing with Jessica for a long time. Every treatment with Functional Bowen™ brings me additional relief and has restored my hope for a pain-free future. I am so grateful to Jessica and Apple Day Spa for offering this treatment!

— Ellen S.