Testimonials: Functional Bowen™ Therapy Concepts II – The Pediatric Application

Class Evaluation by Health Care Providers.

“Excellent course! Thank you for your excellent, compassionate, and integrative work. The hands-on practice was imperative and your individualized attention to each participant’s needs was extremely helpful and supportive. The days are long but full of detail that makes it very worthwhile. Can’t wait to begin practicing right away!” – N. Johanson, SLP/CLC

“Judy has an excellent manner of explaining and demonstrating Functional Bowen Therapy™ in a way that a parent/caregiver is able to understand and continue what is done by the therapist at home.

Through this advanced assessment, including maternal history and the mother/child’s birth experience, one can easily understand the treatment objectives to be accomplished. Further the therapeutic outcome of the child with significant dysfunction, as demonstrated in class, was phenomenal.

“Judy is a natural teacher with extensive knowledge and experience. She’s passionate about helping others, who seek to help their patients/family, to be successful participants in the healing process.” – A. Etter RN

“Amazing! Every Nurse or Healthcare Professional should attend. Judy has taken Western Medicine’s scope of practice, which is typically narrowed in vision and completely opened up the healthcare practitioner’s perspective, offering a new and effective approach to assessment and care of these newborns, infants and children.” – H. Gillan RN

“It’s amazing how Functional Bowen™ Therapy can be applied to the pediatric population in helping correct early myofascial dysfunctional patterns and promote normal developmental growth.

Judy does an excellent job teaching and explaining the course objectives and concepts. She applies scientific knowledge and results from her own evidence-based practice to her class. I enjoyed the hands-on learning environment.” – J. Salonga RN

“As a therapist who has seen mainly adults previously, I feel it’s important to take this class to provide even more well-rounded adult-patient care, using these advanced assessment skills. I have used the Functional Bowen Method™ in my practice for several years now and find it amazingly effective. I attended to learn how best to apply it in the care of this age population.

Pursuing therapy for children of any age this course is essential because it stresses the effects of fascial pulling across the human frame. It also teaches a better way to think about, assess, and help through corrective body-work those structural dysfunctions in the infant/child population that often interrupts their growth and development.

I was impressed by the emotional/social component discussed relating to the parents as primary team-members and essential participants in the care of their child. This course provides clues at all levels and stages of growth that help the therapist better understand what dysfunctional issues they are actually seeing, quite possibly over time, and how best to help make positive changes.

These changes should be addressed especially in children who are unable to communicate for themselves to let us know what is wrong. Finally, this class gave us tools to alleviate their suffering/difficulties, thereby increasing their opportunity to grow in a healthy way and be successful in life.” – B. Shields CMP

“I thoroughly enjoyed how eye-opening this class was! Seeing the dysfunctions on an actual child and seeing them resolved only made me more exited to learn this…amazing! The progression pictures were so very helpful to solidify the concept of what happens in the body when dysfunction isn’t released early. Watching while children were worked on was so helpful, as was having Judy go through how to deal with different age groups.” – C. Decker LMT

“Very, very helpful to observe treating children. Explanations were clear and illustrations made things clearer.” – L. Potter L Ac

“I very much enjoyed this program and recommend all lactation consultants take it. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.” – K. Poremba RN, IBCLC

“I appreciate Judy’s ability to read her audience! She provides very technical information in a practical manner. She is impacting health care wherever she presents. Judy is very relatable, understanding, empathetic, knowledgeable and effective. She is improving the quality of life one infant at a time!” – D. Decker RN