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Pediatric Therapeutic Interventions


Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)

  • Uses focused holds that are applied by the CST practitioner “creating a safe atmosphere or space for the client… using a very gentle touch”.
  • Practitioner palpates for “cranial-sacral fluctuations”  determining the “inherent motion” of the CS system and uses these holds to bring balance to the body
  • Encourages “the client’s system to access its inner resources” to promote healing.
  • Part of the healing process is a state of “rest” CST often produces

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Pediatric Chiropractic

A safe, painless, form of chiropractic health care that uses specifically focused, gentle corrective movements to address a subtle misalignment of the cranium spine and pelvis. This subtle correction ultimately restores optimal balance and function to the entire spinal column. Because the spinal column and cranium protects the central nervous system, that controls and coordinates all body functions, appropriate biomechanical function is critical to good health.

  • This form of treatment has a safe and effective clinical track record and the support of over 75 peer reviewed research papers – more than any other chiropractic technique. Unsurpassed gentleness and safety characterize this procedure.
  • In treating infants, the goal is to counter the effects of the often harsh, sometimes traumatic birth process by removing any form of mechanical dysfunction resulting in altered nervous system function from the new baby as soon as possible…to help minimize or eliminate any compensations, complications or health issues. Breastfeeding challenges, often caused by these hidden barriers (including misalignments), are one example of what this intervention addresses.

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Pediatric Functional Bowen™ Therapy

A form of very gentle manual therapy release that:

  • Uses specific light strumming or rolling movement on the musculature
  • Derived from Tom Bowen’s (an Australian Osteopath) Traditional Method
  • Promotes “less is best” and supports the theory that “the body improves its own regulatory processes best”
  • Is focused muscle balancing that addresses the specific muscle/muscle groups assessed to be hindering physical and or physiological function
  • Promotes functional mobility with active / passive range of motion & stretching
  • Uses an integrative “team approach” with parents/caregivers utilizing home-based therapeutic activities suggested to promote ongoing release / balancing
  • Gently promotes balance and symmetry of the body

Breastfeeding difficulties and/or feeding dysfunctions are prime examples of what it can successfully address.

Read more about the KidsKorner Pediatric Bowen Therapy

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