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Created By Judy Terwilliger RN (#322974), CMT (#25334), CBT Pediatric Bowen Specialist™, (#2013) Functional Bowen™ Therapy Practitioner

Thank you for your interest regarding the possible evaluation and care of your child by our offices.

We at Kid’s Korner specialize in the neuromuscular evaluation and treatment of infants and children with eating (sucking, latching…), sleeping, breathing (nasal sounds), and irritability issues as it relates to common birthing circumstances.

You have been referred to us by a healthcare professional, trained to assist you in the care and feeding of your child/infant. They have noted and feel some muscular tension or structural problem of a muscular nature that they feel we may be able to assist you with.

We are available to evaluate your child for muscle tension and the related symptoms you may be experiencing as a result. If found to have true neuromuscular tension, you will be offered one or more in a series of gentle corrective treatments for your child designed to reduce or alleviate this tension. Likewise you will be asked to perform simple, normal movement related exercises with your infant to accentuate the release process at home between therapy sessions.

Correction of the muscular tension often reduces or even clears up the problem you are experiencing entirely. Sometimes there is more to the issue than we are able to correct muscularly. If further referral or follow up is needed to other resources, we will be able to assist you.

We would be happy to send you our brochure for further information or for presentation to your child’s pediatrician. To schedule an evaluation for your child or request a brochure, please call our offices at (916) 834-1711.

Please note that we make every effort to schedule babies in an efficient manner; however, this is according to therapist time and facility space at the time.

We do make payment plans available on an individual basis for special needs or in special financial circumstances. Our therapy office is conveniently located at 5340 Elvas Ave #100, Sacramento, CA 95819.

We look forward to helping you have a positive experience with your child.