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Parent’s Share Their Children’s /Families Success Stories – Post Traumatic Birth Experience – What Helped & Why.

Professional /Personal Testimonials

My daughter Penny struggled to breastfeed and lost weight rapidly.  This affected our bonding and my confidence in my ability to be a mother.  It also affected her disposition.  Many mothers struggle with this and they aren’t alone.


I was referred by a friend who witnessed my frustration, depression and stress.  She is also an adult patient/client of Flexibly Fit.  After receiving therapy and being referred to an amazing chiropractor, Penny is developing on track, if not more quickly.  I enjoy being a mother and we have bonded completely.  We aren’t just “getting by” but enjoying the process of raising a child even when things are difficult.

As a parent, I feel confident in my abilities and the support I have to ensure Penny is healthy and happy.  If I had not gone to Kids’ Korner, I don’t know that I would be as happy and bonded with Penny as I am today.  It really helped me to feel in control of her care and the results have allowed us to enjoy positive time together.  I don’t think Penny would have the adequate rest and muscle range to both emotionally and physically develop as quickly as she is.

Amy Hope, Special Education Aid Currently working on her Masters in Special Education

As a new mom and an occupational therapist, I wanted the best beginning for my son.  When we were struggling with his latch in the first weeks, we were referred to Bowen Therapy with Judy Terwilliger.  After her thorough assessment we learned of his multiple structural problems related to his birth journey including a severe case of cervical strain from the vacuum.  We entered into a supportive and educational relationship with multiple treatments to assist him to establish normal muscle tone.


Now as we celebrate his first birthday we proudly acknowledge and credit Bowen as a treatment that lead to his successful milestone achievements! Thank you Judy.

Kelly Love, M.S., OTR/L


In my work with breastfeeding mothers and babies, I quite frequently encounter babies whose ability to feed efficiently and/or comfortably is compromised – mildly to severely – by body tension and/or structural issues such as ankyloglossia.  In my experience, babies could have body tension issues without tongue-tie, but I’ve never seen a tongue-tied baby without body tension that needed to be addressed, preferably before and after revision.


Other causes of pathologic body tension could include sub-optimal intra-uterine lie (prenatal), or a difficult, long, or heavily managed birth.  The resulting tension can make it difficult or impossible for the infant to open its mouth sufficiently for an adequate latch, and cause dysfunctional tongue function, whether “tied” or not. I ordinarily refer these kinds of cases for Bowen therapy, which addresses the root causes of abnormal body tension.

The results I’ve observed are nothing short of miraculous.  Not only has breastfeeding been saved, but many other bodily functions in the infant are normalized, and the mothers’ misery relieved and sanity restored.

I consider Judy Terwilliger an essential part of the healthcare team for these patients.

Anita Butler, BA-MCH, IBCLC


My husband and I have explored some aspects of non-western “alternative” medicine in the past (chiropractor, acupressure / acupuncture and basic massage therapy) and found much benefit and relief from them.  I am a NICU R.N.  In the last year we have been introduced to Bowen therapy and I am so grateful for the major impact it has had for us, both for myself but mostly my son William.

My pregnancy was complicated with low amniotic fluid, breech presentation and intrauterine growth restriction; my son was delivered via urgent C-section for fetal distress.  William’s problems were not fully apparent initially although even in his first and second day of life we noticed his extremities were much stiffer and difficult to move than would be expected – I expressed my concern to his Pediatrician and was told not to worry that he would grow out of it.

We were very lucky that William was able to breastfeed, which was so very important to us, and gained weight quite efficiently.

I was advised by Jaye Simpson, IBCLC who urged us to take William in for “structural work” which turned out to be Bowen therapy. We scheduled William for his first Bowen treatment when he was 3.5 months old.  As soon as I met Judy Terwilliger, I knew that she really understood babies structures and massage therapy; I felt like I could trust her implicitly.

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Jill Harmony, Proud Breastfeeding Mother and NICU R.N.


Individual Testimonials


If it weren’t for my wife’s second Lactation Consultant introducing us to Bowen therapy and referring us to Judy, we don’t have the slightest idea how our child’s health would be today. Skeptical at first, we decided to give Bowen therapy.

My wife was having strong contractions for three long nights with little sleep. On the fourth day we decided to make an appointment with our midwife. She recommended that we go to the hospital immediately because my wife was in labor, but hadn’t dilated at all. We had planned for a natural birth; however, things didn’t go as planned.

My wife was exhausted and didn’t have much energy left, so she accepted an Epidural and Pitocin shot. That was a long agonizing night for my wife and baby. After an immeasurable five days, our son was born.

About two weeks later our son’s swollen head had gone away, but we noticed a bump and ring behind his head. My wife was having an excruciating time breastfeeding also, so we scheduled an appointment to see our pediatrician. The pediatrician said the bump was normal and would go away as the baby grew.

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Daniel & Edith D.


My son came to Judy after four months of being hypertonic to the point of almost being catatonic.  He could not lift his arms above his ears, nursed very poorly as a result of this; he also had nearly debilitating stiffness in his extremities, back, and neck. At first, I was extremely skeptical of your treatments.  But my wife was firm in her conviction that it was helping.

Sure enough, after a few months, he had a fuller range of passive motion, even being able to move his extremities voluntarily. Prior to these treatments, he did not know that he was able to play with toys.  By the summer, William was able to actually roll over on his own.  You cannot know the joy and sorrow that such an act brought.

That summer, my skepticism about Bowen was definitely on the wane. I was lucky enough to attend your class on Basic Bowen Techniques. Having had two family members who did standard massage, and having a background in martial arts and weight training, I knew a fair amount about muscle structures and techniques to relax said structures. The knowledge you gave me was invaluable, as I was able to treat my son on a daily basis.

With your continued treatment, and my ancillary treatments, my son went from being able to simply roll, to actually crawling by the fall. Although William was slow to progress and develop, he has sped up considerably since we first saw you.  He is now running, albeit awkwardly and toddler-like, not simply crawling.  He nurses fine now.  He drinks from my cups, takes food from my hand as I’m eating it, and has started climbing on his toys to get to the tops of dressers. Because I took the Bowen Therapy class, I am able to:

For a long time I wondered and worried about William’s life.  I worried that he would not grow up healthy and happy.  I wondered how all of these physical maladies would affect him cognitively.  Now, I don’t worry.  Thank you for giving my son back his body and giving my family back its spirit.  I cannot tell you enough how knowing Bowen has made my family’s life better.

Damian H., High School Latin Teacher