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Judy Terwilliger

Judy Terwilliger: Lead Therapist

Judy Terwilliger is a married, mother of three grown children, who resides in Fair Oaks, California. She is a Registered Nurse who continues to utilize her skills across the past 36 years in a variety of venues to maintain a broad base of practice as well as advance technically. Her specialties include but are not limited to practice in the hospital, clinic and office settings; Pediatrics; Medical/Surgical; CCU; Internal Medicine; Ear/Nose/Throat; Urology; Orthopedics; Gastroenterology; In Home Rehab; Human Resources; and Private School Nurse. She currently is an active member of the National Society of Pediatric Nurses and the American College of Sports Medicine. She was a speaker at the Northern California, Placer County Breastfeeding Coalition in May of 2011 and The Imperial Valley Breastfeeding Summit in August of 2014 in Southern California. She has been invited to be a poster presenter at the upcoming 6th Annual California Breastfeeding Summit in February of 2016, Creating A Constellation: Charting the Course for Breastfeeding Success. Learn more about upcoming events that Judy will be appearing or presenting at here.

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Lynn Alberts

Lynn Alberts: Therapist

I am a graduate of Pacific School of Massage and the Healing Arts in Gualala California. I have been a Certified Therapist for 21 years as well as a Certified Personal Trainer for 17 years. I specialize in Corrective Exercise, and am Certified in Sports Nutrition. I have studied myofascial release, advanced deep tissue, and transformational bodywork. I enjoy being able to work with people to help them reduce their pain and improve their mobility.

A friend came to me and asked me if I knew about Bowen Therapy. I had heard of it, but never experienced it. After taking an initial class, I realized that this form of therapy is a very important tool to learn and understand. Since taking advanced training in Functional Bowen™, I am specializing in its sports application. I have seen first hand quite amazing results with cyclists, cross fit athletes, those recovering from knee surgery, chronic shoulder issues, and so much more.

When experiencing this work and seeing the results of those mentioned, what strikes me are the long-term results achieved. This uniquely effective modality where each session reinforces the next one makes it vastly different than any other form of therapy I have ever experience or worked with. I am excited to be a part of this cutting edge approach to natural healing and restorative health. As a Sports Bowen Specialist™, I look forward to helping athletes from all sports venues achieve their goals and find true balance and optimal function.


Bethany Shields: Therapist

I am a graduate Certified in both Basic and Advanced Bowen therapy. I received my original training locally at the Bowen Method Center of Fair Oaks, California, with additional studies at the National Bowen Training Institute in Barberton, Ohio. Also, I am a State-certified Therapy Practitioner with studies completed at MTI in Davis California. These studies included anatomy and physiology, assessment and postural evaluation, advanced deep tissue, pelvic health and balance, myofacial release, whiplash, specific therapy care for seniors or the infirm, and many others.

I find I am able to also use my background in various sports venues including extensive dance, gymnastics, swimming, and martial arts training to my advantage in understanding the body and circumstances experienced by my clients. I originally became aware of Bowen Therapy after a serious car accident involving myself and some of my family members. Bowen Therapy afforded great relief and lasting help in the recovery process. Being greatly interested in how the body functions and the unique approach Bowen uses with its cross-fiber technique to assist the restorative process, I couldn’t resist the field.

I have worked as a Bowen Therapist since 2006. While working in general care, elderly assistance, and sports management, I have seen amazing across-the-board results. Additionally, I have helped my patients experience positive outcomes with general pain and discomfort accrued from daily life habits or restriction and immobility worsening over time. Even injury and post-surgical recovery circumstances were benefited. Having studied recently the advanced form of Functional Bowen™, I feel as though I have a more complete toolbox of therapeutic moves to apply in any circumstance that presents itself. I enjoy working with people to assist them in achieving an alternative and natural health care solution. And I find problem solving for the cause behind the dysfunction challenging yet rewarding. My objective is to assist my clients in their healing process, promote in them an active, healthy lifestyle, and ultimately help them achieve their goals.

Marie X

Marie Xiloj: Therapist

My name is Marie Xiloj. I am a Functional Bowen™ Therapist specializing in Pediatrics. My extensive internship at Flexibly Fit’s Kids’ Korner™, education at MTI Davis and studies through Knowmor Inc. have prepared me to assist families in the recovery process from muscle dysfunction issues that hinder breastfeeding, proper movement and functional developmental milestones. Being a mother of 4, with many additional years of back round in early childhood education/development, I am very aware of and sensitive to the needs of little ones.I am honored to be able to help lead them on a journey of healing.

My personal interest in this form of therapy came from my own experience with Bowen Therapy for my children when I struggled with breastfeeding issues. My best description of how Functional™ Bowen Therapy works is that it allows for self-healing of the body through improved blood flow, assisting in the return of the body to it’s own internal balance. I am a strong believer in natural health and holistic ideas for overcoming illness and structural problems. I look forward assisting you and your family in your own healing process.