Our Therapy Technique

STRIVE is our division dedicated to the functional muscle balance of athletes from every sport – at any age. Whether there is a muscle restriction creating pain or preventing maximization of your workout, delayed or situational muscle congestion/fatigue/soreness or an actual injury that needs mobilization, we specialize in the pursuit of finding the solution to the problem.

We look for the cause behind your pain or limitation.  This is done by evaluating and releasing muscles/muscle groups that allow us to effect positive results in pain management, reduction and/or resolve of muscle imbalances that often promote nerve entrapment and the associated pain pathways.

In sports, this means we focus on balance and symmetry of the musculature which allows for:

  • Maximizing The Workout
  • Improving Muscle Recovery
  • Prevention / Resolve of Injury

In rare cases (muscle tearing, surgical intervention or medical restrictions), we require the primary care physician’s authorization to apply any therapy. As it applies, this is predetermined before an initial appointment is scheduled.

Essentially, we look for solutions at the most basic structural levels, including but not limited to posture, pain, immobility, reduced flexibility, and/or loss of function. This is done by way of an initial assessment that includes a health history (sports history), postural evaluation and palpatory (hands on) muscle exam with simultaneous release moves on the affected areas. Subsequent sessions can be scheduled one at a time; however, an initial set of three is always recommended to achieve consistency in the therapeutic benefit.

The offered 3-Pack of therapy sessions is also more cost effective because the group price is significantly discounted over the individual session price. Note please that this form of therapy is not covered under any health insurance plan; however, health savings accounts can often be  utilized with the provision of the receipt we can generate for the client, provided it is requested at the time of the visit. See our Fees tab for information on the cost. We accept cash, personal check with ID, VISA, & MasterCard. We also sell gift certificates for family and friends wishing to gift others with the benefits of muscle balance and the associated health/wellness outcomes we achieve.

Further, we promote a Complimentary and Integrative Health Approach through this form of muscle balance using our proprietary Functional Bowen™ Therapy application process. We also offer/promote as an adjunct: Endurance/Strength Building, Nutritional/Supplementation Support, Education and Training, Exercise, Stress Management, and Adequate Rest Promotion.

Ours is a team approach as we work with coaches and personal trainers as well as other healthcare providers involved to assist in restoration of individual health and wellness.  We partner with each client/patient in the establishing of self-help techniques or home based therapeutics to achieve the goals desired.  Often serving as a bridge to other healthcare professionals, we refer our clients/patients to them as needed or desired. We encourage ownership of personal health and are there to assist the client/patient to meet his/her own individualized goals, always STRIVING for excellence. Our certified and experienced staff look forward to working with you to meet those goals, helping you out of pain wherever possible and/or directing you to the appropriate resources as you may have need.

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