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Pro Water Skier Brian Detrick

Knowmor Inc. is proud to be a sponsor of Brian Detrick, a home grown world class athlete who found us recently at the January 2013 SacTown Throw Down. Brian had been recovering from years of muscle spasm and pain which finally peaked after a recent transportation injury in the fall of 2012, forcing him to cut his competition schedule short last year. At STRIVE (our Sports Division of Functional Bowen™) we recognized Brian’s muscle dysfunction and subsequent restrictions. We believe that “Muscle balance and symmetry equal improved form, agility and speed”. STRIVE stands for Striving To Reach Individual Versatile Excellence. We hope to demonstrate that the “ultimate experience in athletic achievement can be reached through optimal structural muscle balance”.

We have partnered with Brian because unlike other competitive athletes we see, his sport is unique in its multidirectional opposition to gravitational forces. Structural musculosketal balance is essential in enabling the competitor to maintain a correct posture which flows with all components of the event and assists in the prevention of injury when and if gravity wins. We have partnered with Brian to provide him the cutting edge in his own “Versatile Excellence” and hope to enable him to improve his competitive standing through improved muscle balance, proper posture which will promote his best form and increased strength through improved tone and flexibility.

Congratulations to Matthew Oberholtz and Brian Detrick for being selected as the USA Coaches for the USA Adaptive Water Ski Team and to all the athletes that will compete at the 2019 Disabled Water Ski World Championships in Skarnes, Norway!


Matt Oberholtz

Brian Detrick

Brian Detrick


Congratulations to Matthew Oberholtz and Brian Detrick for being selected as the USA Coaches for the USA Adaptive Water Ski Team and to all the athletes that will compete at the 2019 Disabled Water Ski World Championships in Skarnes, Norway!

2019 USA Adaptive Water Ski Team Selected

USA Disabled Waterski Team

September 8th, 2018 – USA Adaptive Water Ski & Wake Sports (formerly Water Skiers with Disabilities Association), a sport discipline organization of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, has announced the selection of the 2019 USA Adaptive Water Ski Team that will compete in the 14th Disabled Water Ski World Championships, July 22-28, 2019, in Skarnes, Norway. The selections were announced following the conclusion of the 25th Barbara Bolding/Jim Grew Fund Adaptive Water Ski National Championships, Sept. 5-8, in Paducah, Ky.

Within each event (slalom, tricks and jumping) at the Disabled Worlds, athletes are grouped into the three categories of seated (paraplegics and quadriplegics), standing (arm and/or leg disabilities with or without prosthesis) and vision impaired (partially or totally blind). At the 2017 Disabled Water Ski World Championships, the USA Adaptive Water Ski Team earned the world team silver medal and seven U.S. team members won individual medals.

Athletes selected to the 2019 USA Adaptive Water Ski Team were: Marco Bungert (Huntersville, N.C.) – Seated Men; David Carter (Dallas, Ga.) – Seated Men; Nicholas Fairall (Andover, N.H.) – Seated Men; Chad Guzman (Gilbert, Ariz.) – Seated Men; Elijah Hager (Alexis, N.C.) – Seated Men; Katie Mawby (Grand Haven, Mich.) – Vision Impaired Women; Robbie Parks (Lexington, N.C.) – Seated Men; Connor Poggetto (Carmichael, Calif.) – Seated Men; Mike Royal (Magnolia, Texas) – Vision Impaired Men; Sarah Switzer (Madison, Ala.) – Seated Women; Craig Timm (Center City, Minn.) – Standing Men; and Chuck Wesson (Charlotte, N.C.) – Seated Men.

Geneva Brett (Los Banos, Calif.) will serve as manager; Jessica Van Dyk (Belding, Mich.) will be the assistant manager; Matt Oberholtz (Oroville, Calif.) will serve as the coach; Brian Detrick (Elk Grove, Calif.) will be the assistant coach; and Dr. Keith Barbour (Monroe, Mich.) will serve as the team physician.

Source: USA Water Ski

Excerpt from Interview in WaterSki Magazine by Todd Ristorcelli:

Northern California (Elk Grove) native Brian Detrick, 25, is currently ranked eighth in the world after skyrocketing his career at two Australian events this past March. Placing second at the Australian Open and third at the Moomba Masters, this 6-foot-4-inch shortline slalom giant is getting to know the podium. WATERSKI decided it’s time we got to know him better.




Brian Detrick took 1st place at the 2014 Western Regional Water Ski Championships in Windsor Colorado

ABOUT BRIAN DETRICK: Brian Detrick grew up in Elk Grove, CA on Shortline Lake. He started water skiing at the age of two and began competing at the age of four. Brian’s recent accomplishments on the water are being selected to the six member 2012 United States University Water Ski Team, 2012 University World Champion, 3rd @ 2012 Australian Open, 5th @ 2012 Atlanta ProAm and 7th @ 2012 Calgary Pro ShootOut. Besides being a professional athlete, Brian is the owner of BRICK EVENTS; an event management, planning, coordinating and consulting company. For more information about Brian visit www.BrianDetrick.com


Before Therapy:

2012 Moomba Masters
18th place

After Therapy:

2014 Moomba Masters

Brian Detrick water-skiing at the 2015 U.S.Masters

Brian was only 1 of 7 male slalom skiers in the world invited to the 2015 U.S. Masters, the most prestigious water ski event in the world.

It is such a privilege and joy to sponsor such a committed young athlete in his determination to do his best at all times and share in his successes along with his family who support him 100%. Brian is a great skier but he’s the real deal as a great human being. His compassion for the sport, his successes to date, and his achievements both on and off his skis have not gone to his head. He is humble, compassionate and sincerely interested in the success of others. We at STRIVE are behind both the competitor and the exemplary young man he is – Judy / Lead Therapist & Owner.
Brian captured 2nd Place at 2015 U.S. National Waterski Championships.

Brian captured 2nd Place at 2015 U.S. National WaterSki Championships.

4th Place at 2015 Malibu Open Festival in Milwaukee, WI.

Brian Detrick won 4th Place at 2015 Malibu Open Festival in Milwaukee, WI.

Brian Named 2014-2015 Waterski Ambassador of the Year. Pictured holding an award.

Brian was named 2014-2015 Waterski Ambassador of the Year. This is an international award given out by Waterski Magazine.

Brian featured on KCRA 3

Brian was recently featured on KCRA Superstars. You can learn more about Brian’s featured TV coverage on his website.


Being a professional water skier, I push my body to the max day in and day out; whether it is in the gym or on the water. Over the past 6 years I have dealt with a few nagging injuries that never seemed to go away no matter how much time I took off or how many visits I had with a massage therapist, deep tissue, trigger point, chiropractor or physical therapist. I drove hundreds of miles, spent many hours in the car and on a table and spent a lot of money to see some of the top people in Northern California in order to get healthy and not feel like my body always hurt. I also seemed more prone to injuries, nothing major but minor injuries that would sideline me for a few days to 2 weeks.

In January of 2013, I discovered Functional (Sports) Bowen™ therapy by Flexibly Fit while at the “SacTown ThrowDown”, a local CrossFit sponsored event. I scheduled an appointment and needless to say, the rest has been history. In this short amount of time, just one visit, I received more results than any other visit or consecutive visits from anyone else I had seen in the past 6 years. After the 2nd visit, I felt like I was a new person; I was able to move functionally for the first time in over 6 years. After all that time with pain and aching, I really believed that this is how my body was and that I would never improve. At 23 years old I was pretty “jacked up”. This therapy has helped with my hip mobility/range of motion, reduced the tension in my neck/traps that I had been present since Oct. of 2009 and my balance has improved. Functional Bowen™ has helped my posture and overall flexibility throughout my entire body. I no longer have shoulder pain that the doctors said was an impingement. Of those whom I have already referred in the past couple of weeks, all have seen positive results, no matter what their problems were.

In summary, this form of therapy is different from others forms of work in that as it focuses on the problem, it produces the kind of muscle release and balance that allows the whole musculature to work together to affect change. The muscles feel more balanced, less achy and able to do more or face harder physical challenges as an athlete. I find now that I am able to push my body to do more extreme work outs without injury. As a professional athlete, I recommend this process because it enables me to compete at the highest level on a world stage.

-Brian Detrick, Professional World Class Water Skier 2012 Water Ski World University Champion, US Team Member, Warrior CrossFit, Elk Grove, California

Brian’s First “SHOUT OUT” post was dedicated to our therapy see http://briandetrick.com/2013/02/23/bds-saturday-shout-out-1/