Therapeutic Interventions

Complimentary & Integrative Pediatric Therapeutic Interventions

This project is dedicated to the members of IATP, IBCLC’s the world over and other Allied Health Professionals in their support of breastfeeding.

The following excerpts include listed sites, and represent a basic overview of each complimentary therapeutic application process. This is not an exhaustive list but represents a cursory view of those processes that exist to this author’s knowledge for the benefit of wellness promotion at all levels of human growth, development and healing, specifically mind, body and spirit.
These modalities are a compilation of my research and that of many other practitioners, without whom my world would be very small and to whom I express my gratitude here. It is my hope that this list can provide a guide by way of overview to the readers and a means to assist health care advocates in finding resources for their clients/patients.

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