Uniquely Different

How This Method Is Unique – Two student perspectives

The Functional Bowen™ Class was educational and informative. Judy’s knowledge, experience and passion are priceless. Her teaching style is very thorough and engaging. The demonstration/observation and hands-on portion of the instruction solidifies the whole process and allows the students to be able to perform the techniques with success.

The Functional Bowen™ technique is impressive and effective. The initial multi-plane, thorough postural assessment process assists to identify the muscle and structural dysfunction. The gentle method of plucking, strumming and rolling the tissue and muscle, facilitates the fascia to move and release the muscle dysfunction allowing the body to balance. This process allows the body to return to homeostasis and facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal.

As a CMT, I have been exposed and trained in several modalities. In my opinion, Functional Bowen™ is the most effective technique I have experienced. Due to the results I have witnessed and experienced personally, I will utilize Functional Bowen™ as my main modality to help my clients achieve optimal movement, postural balance and overall health. – L. Gieger / CMT

Functional Bowen™ Therapy is a great complimentary therapy in aiding individuals thorough the healing process and getting the body back to homeostasis.

Functional Bowen™ Therapy uses a systematic approach in finding the cause and effect of a symptom, such as pain, rather than only treating the symptom and getting temporary relief.

The body is intricate in how it functions and you can’t treat one problem area without addressing everything else as a whole because it is all connected. The therapy does exactly that.

This method globally balances the body through structural integrity and functional mobility. As an RN, I work with a vast number of patients with back pain, joint pain, nerve pain, and muscle pain.

I plan to use this therapy as an adjunct treatment to pain management, which would help increase patient’s quality of life. – J. Salonga / Orthopedic Rehab RN